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Microsoft Flow: Expose Public APIs via Custom Connector

I love fitness trackers. I was excited to get the new Fitbit Alta HR, but some of my eagerness waned when I remembered why I hadn't used a Fitbit since my old Fitbit One -- I hated how it didn't integrate with any of my other applications I used to track my information. Fitbit does support some integration with partner apps, but just not with any apps that I happen to prefer and use. I'm an Android user. I've started to look at Google Fit as a hub for all of my fitness data, but I'm not completely sold on that yet. I've been using Nike+ Run Club since I jumped on the Nike bandwagon years ago and purchased the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit (back when I carried an iPod). I was so excited to have a sensor nestled in my shoe and a coach speaking to me as I was running! Fast-forward to now, and although my phone is the main sensor for everything, I still prefer to use the Nike+ applications to track my runs and training. Nike+ synchronizes data to Google Fit, but not to Fi…