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Self-Hosting a Bot in Service Fabric with Katana

I recently participated in a small hackathon with some Microsoft ninjas where we were presented with the problem, How do you host a bot in Service Fabric? It seemed like an easy problem that had probably already been solved, but it wasn't as straightforward as we thought it might be. At its core from a technology perspective, a bot is really just a Web API. We didn't want to actually host IIS on Service Fabric, so we knew we would want to self-host. If you use the built-in Stateless Service ASP.NET Core template, you'll get a great Web API implementation that's wired up with a KestrelCommunictionListener for Service Fabric. But what if you want to use Katana -- Microsoft's .NET Framework OWIN implementation? Katana is a flexible set of components for building and hosting OWIN-based web applications on .NET Framework. Microsoft's Katana Project on GitHub Although ASP.NET Core has incorporated most of the Katana project's functionality, the project will st…